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The Outlook Is Foggy

Published June 28, 2019


While we seek cooler places to escape the hot Texas summer, we read Schwab’s latest examination of markets and economies printed below. In the coming couple of weeks, we will reach into our archives and reprint a couple of articles discussing our overall investment approach and why we recommend using TimingCube, FP Research, and other systems that proactively protect our wealth. Herewith is Schwab’s take on the markets: (more…)

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Economic Data Weakening Here and There

Published June 7, 2019


After struggling for the month of May, this week the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) accelerated its momentum downward and took a decidedly bearish turn. The stock market trades on perceptions for the future health of the economy and corporate earnings. Those perceptions have been skewed negative by the battles in trade. However, the stock market is beginning to get more and more data suggesting that weakness ahead is more than just a result of a change in perception. (more…)

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Smallcap Stocks Fail to Find Buyers

Published May 31, 2019


At the beginning of this month of May we concluded our weekly blog with the following:

“Were smaller, riskier stocks to find strength, it would be a real boost to the market’s rally effort as there is clearly some “wall of worry” built into this market.”

By the end of the month, the market’s answer was clear: there would be no boost from small and midcap stocks. (more…)

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Investors Are Reminded How Critical the China Trade Deal Is

Published May 10, 2019


After weeks of calm, stocks were rattled this week as the expected trade agreement between the U.S. and China appeared to encounter serious pressure. Entering the month of May, the Trump Administration was encouraging investors with comments that the agreement was in the “final laps” with “productive” meetings being held. However, this week the tone out of the Administration changed dramatically. (more…)

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Fuel for the Next Leg of the Rally

Published May 3, 2019


Recent headlines tell us the “stock market” has returned to record high levels. We put that in quotes because closer observers of the broader universe of stocks will tell you that it’s predominantly the larger companies whose stocks have moved higher. The indexes of midcap and smallcap companies remain well below their highs of last September. (more…)