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The Winding Road to a Strong Year

Published January 10, 2020


Rarely has a +30% gain felt so lackluster. The year of 2019 closed with that substantial gain, one that registers in the top tenth of all market years. Yet those of us who watch the markets day-in, day-out and seek to follow the market’s trend viewed it as a play in three distinct acts, with only the final four months of the year delivering any real upside. (more…)

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Our Knowledge Base

Published January 3, 2020


One of the benefits of a subscription to TimingCube is the cache of weekly articles on investing, investor behavior, and economics. While most of these articles are archived in our Blog, there are a good number of classic articles held in our Knowledge Base (see the menu at the top and choose Resources to find both the Blog and the Knowledge Base). (more…)

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Years in Review

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Published December 27, 2019


In looking through some year and decade in review posts, we found this summary by Ben Carlson to be a relatively concise and interesting one.  Mr. Carlson begins his review by noting what has perhaps been the decade’s best trend – unemployment has been on a very long and steady decline; to the point where job openings now go begging for prospective employees.

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Yet More Signs of Market Risk-Taking

Published December 20, 2019


Investors continue to be willing to take on more risk. Now that the “phase one” trade deal with China appears to be completed, the UK election results are in, and the Federal Reserve projects being on hold for quite some time, investors have breathed a collective sigh of relief. (more…)

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A Shift in Market Preference Potentially Has Arrived

Published December 6, 2019


Over the past two years, some might be surprised to find that real estate has been the best investment of the four typical “core” asset classes – stocks (domestic and international), bonds, real estate, commodities (in the form of gold here). This is consistent with declining interest rates as the Fed shifted from raising to lowering rates. (more…)

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Bulls increasingly taking control

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Published November 29, 2019


We have recently seen positive movement in several new areas of the stock market.  See below the note from U.S. Global Investors on the possible bottoming in Europe.  Following that, we have a couple of charts showing new breakouts in the U.S. market.  The stock market continues to show signs it will embrace its seasonally strong holiday period.

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Fibonacci Levels and the QQQ

Published November 22, 2019


Below is a chart from Chris Kimble showing the Nasdaq 100’s rise over the past decade. The green trendlines define the uptrend. After spending much of the spring and summer bouncing around between 175 and 195, the QQQ (the trading symbol for the Nasdaq 100) pushed above 200, where it has held all of November. The blue % numbers on the chart (e.g. 100%, 161.8%, 261.8%) define the possible Fibonacci levels the QQQ could react to. (more…)

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The Market Needs Inflation

Published November 15, 2019


We are shaped by the financial crises we experience. For those of us who lived through the sharp inflation hike of the 1970s, we are forever sensitive to inflation, looking behind every datapoint for evidence of the inflation beast lurking. Over the past decade, inflation has been remarkably steady with the inflation beast long ago tamed. (more…)

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Markets Shifting

Published November 8, 2019


As the calendar has turned to the seasonally strong fourth quarter, markets appear to be at important crossroads. After leading the market all year, the more cautious low-volatility stocks might be finally giving way to strength in the more economically-sensitive, higher-beta stocks. (more…)