Weekly Update

Retail Sales, Unemployment, and Those Irrepressible FAANGs

Published May 26, 2023


Below are excerpts from Blaine Rollins’ latest collection of market and economic observations and data. There continues to be an extraordinary lack of consensus around any market narrative. Thus, we keep chopping around mostly sideways in the broad market while the heavy-hitters of the market are perceived as the safest bet to make in the stock market. Stocks have strong competition also as short-term debt instruments offer 5%+ returns for little to no risk. At some point, this all breaks down. But that breakdown could well be a surge of money into the rest of the stock market which one of Blaine’s sources below shows is rather cheap these days. Given that such an outcome is talked about relatively little, perhaps it’s the most likely destination for stocks? (more…)

Weekly Update

Still Stormy Out There

Published June 10, 2022

Investors are facing a tremendous amount of uncertainty these days as inflation continues to push out the timeline for when the Federal Reserve might pause interest rate hikes. Friday’s “hot” inflation data offered the Fed no new cover for backing off their inflation-fighting posture. (more…)

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Bear Market Perspectives

Published March 27, 2020


This week, as we hunker down and ‘shelter-in-place’, we offer an assortment of bear market observations. First, we will start with noted market observer Josh Brown’s views on whether the stock market has seen its worst days yet. That is followed by Dan Sullivan’s more historical view on bear markets. We remind readers that Wall Street is in New York City, which has been on the front lines of the virus in the USA over the past few days and weeks. It’s no surprise, then, that the investment community in NYC will feel more besieged by the virus news than some other parts of the country. Keep that context in mind as you read. (more…)