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Accelerate Your Gains in Strong Markets

Published December 8, 2017


Our TradeGuru investment service has been delivering massive gains for subscribers since the latest bullish period began in early 2016. With growth stocks leading the market upward, our growth-oriented GuruFolio (labeled Folio A on the site) has delivered gains of over +45% this year after a +35% year in 2016. (more…)

Weekly Update

Long-term Stock Indicator Shows Green

Published March 31, 2017


DecisionPoint has long been a large influence on our work here at Fraser Partners (developer and publisher of TimingCube, FPResearch, TradeGuru, and ETFTide). The chart and technical analysis purveyor has a disciplined, consistent approach as we do. We are kindred spirits. Below is a long-term chart (Chart 1) showing over 20 years of stock market history. (more…)