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TimingCube gets a new look!

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Published January 20, 2017


TimingCube gets a new look!

Since we launched our award-winning investment website in July 2001 many investors have taken great advantage of our trend timing approach to the stock market to build their wealth. Over those fifteen years markets as well as technology has changed dramatically. Our efforts to keep up with changes in the markets have produced new models, new websites, and new portfolios to give investors a wider palette of choices to guide their investment journey. For our 15th birthday, we decided it was time to embark on embracing the new technology available to us. We launched a complete redesign of our original TimingCube website. Today, we announce that we are ready to release this new site to you, our loyal subscribers!

In addition to the sharp, clean new look of the website, you will find major fixes to long-standing issues. The biggest of these changes will be seen on your smartphone and tablet. TimingCube now has a site that is smartphone and tablet ready! The site appears much larger and far more legible on your phone. You can scroll down the site on your phone rather than having to take the old-school approach of loading page after page.

In place of our treasure trove of weekly articles, we have created a Knowledge Base (found under the Resources tab on the menu bar along the top of the website). This area is a library of 33 of our most popular and useful weeklies, some as full articles, others as handy excerpts. In total, they serve as a great educational reference not only for our approach to investing, but also as a wonderful overview for finance and investing generally. Topics such as how to properly diversify a portfolio, determining how much money you might need in retirement, articles and snippets on taxes, financial and investment history, inflation, and employment, among many others. Fifteen years of weekly articles – that’s over 700 articles! – boiled down to just a very few. We think everyone will find something of interest. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat in our new library!

The new site contains our helpful Ticker Tool where you can see how the security of your choice performs with our models. The results pages and World Ranking are the same as before presented in a cleaner, clearer way. Our weekly articles will continue as usual via a separate blog posting with access sent to your email. The blog will also be accessible through the Resources tab at the top menu bar on the website, right next to our Knowledge Base.

We want to emphasize that this update in our website has no impact at all on our models. The TimingCube investment models are the same as before. We are just presenting our information in a new, improved manner.

We hope that you find the sharp new appearance of our website an improvement. As always, we are available to help you navigate our site and successfully use our powerful investment system. Simply drop us a note to support@timingcube.com.

Thank you for joining us and supporting us for over 15 years!

Market Update

Investors returned from the Monday holiday in profit-taking mode with a notable shift in money flows as dollars flowed out of financials and into consumer staples. Financials have been the hottest group since the election with consumer staples out of favor for several months. The broad market closed off -0.3% while financials fell back -2% as consumer staples rose a similar amount. Stocks bounced back with a +0.2% move Wednesday on little news as investors appeared to be waiting until President-elect Trump’s Inauguration Day speech before making any new moves. Treasury yields did pop higher, however, as inflation data continued to show moves upward in prices, which is supportive of further Fed rate hikes. Stocks fell back -0.4% Thursday as buyers continued to show reluctance. Friday’s Inauguration Day brought positive trading but little change was indexes up +0.3% at the close.

 Warm wishes and until next week.