Weekly Update

The Bond Market Beckons?

Published September 15, 2023


With our focus on the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), we do not actively invest in bonds in our models. However, we know that many of our subscribers do. Below we offer the latest output from Delta Research. We hope you find it of interest.

“The iShares Core US Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG) representing investment grade, U.S. corporate debt was down -1.77% in 2021 and -13.02% in 2022. 2022 was by far its worst performance year ever. Never before has the AGG suffered from two sequential down years. The rolling 5, 3 and 1-year average annual returns of the AGG are 0.39%, -4.69% and -0.36%, respectively. An investor might expect bonds to bounce back after such negative performance. The index is up only 0.9% year-to-date, a significant disappointment. (more…)

Weekly Update

Market Offering Almost Nowhere to Hide

Published May 6, 2022


This week the Fed made the first of their larger interest rate hikes with a 0.5% move (50 bps in bond market parlance). Here’s the path of Fed interest rates that the market foresees – straight up from now through March 2023. (more…)