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August 5, 2016 Update

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FPResearch unveils the holy grail of investing strategies

The stock market historically delivers a 10-12% annual return. That level of return will double your money every seven years. But many investors never see that doubling because that return comes with the extraordinary risk of seeing your investment account drop by a third or more once a decade on average, and by 15-20% on an almost annual basis. This level of volatility leads investors to find investing in the stock market to be extremely hard on their emotions with many choosing to simply take their money out of the market regardless of the attractiveness of the long-term returns.

Our approach to investing seeks to smooth out these ups and down so that investors can truly stay the course and benefit from the high returns that markets do offer over time; so that they do indeed experience that doubling, tripling, and quadrupling of their accounts. Our FPResearch investment service focuses on building diversified model-driven portfolios that reduce the risk of investing to the lowest levels while still offering substantial above-market returns over time.

In pursuit of that holy grail of investing – above-market returns with substantially low risk – FPResearch has just launched their latest portfolio. The FP Multi-Asset portfolio invests in a broad range of assets and sectors, applies a timing Model to each component in order to reduce risk, and ends up delivering more than a +15% average annual return with the maximum drawdown (loss) of only -8%. Compare that to the broad stock market’s +3% annual return and drawdown (loss) of -50% and you can see how compelling this strategy is.

Chart 1: The outstanding statistics of the FP Multi-Asset portfolio

The outstanding statistics of the FP Multi-Asset portfolio

The strategy has never shown a losing year:

Chart 2: A whole lot of gains piling up!

A whole lot of gains piling up!

All of which leads to an incredibly smooth path to building wealth

Chart 3: Gains piled on top of gains leads to huge wealth

Gains piled on top of gains leads to huge wealth

The FP Multi-Asset portfolio allocates to stocks, bonds, real estate, and gold, across both domestic and international, with some positions being held long-term and others trading for shorter-term gains. With 7 of our proprietary, completely independent, Models and 9 asset classes/sectors, the FP Multi-Asset portfolio is diversified across sectors, geographies, investment philosophies, and Models, all in an effort to minimize exposure to any one input and maximize return without taking on hardly any risk.

Exclusive one-time offer
Existing TimingCube subscribers will receive an exclusive one-time offer of $49.95 (instead of $79.95) per month for the first three months, or $499.95 (instead of $799.95) per year for the first year. Simply subscribe as usual and drop us a note for us to apply the refund. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to try out a world-beating investment strategy. To subscribe to FPResearch and get access to this world-beating strategy and exclusive offer, go to www.fpresearch.com

If you’d prefer someone manage this strategy for you, get in touch with our friends at MarketTrend Advisors or for a more low-cost “robo-advisor” approach visit QuantAdvisor.

And never worry about risk in your pursuit of consistently solid investment returns ever again!

Another jolt of happiness

Stock investors received more good news Friday in the form of a strong monthly jobs report. This report gave investors the green light to take more risk, shifting money into the smallest of the market’s companies – micro-cap stocks – as well as banking shares that will benefit from rising interest rates.

Charts 5 and 6: Monthly jobs report kickstarts a couple of key breakouts

Monthly jobs report kickstarts a couple of key breakouts

Monthly jobs report kickstarts a couple of key breakouts

Market Update

Stock investors weighed some negative news to begin Monday’s trading with oil prices continuing their slide, now having given back -21% since their peak in early July. Strength in biotech shares helped the Nasdaq Composite find higher ground while weakness in energy and finance held the S&P 500 to a -0.13% finish. The weakness in European banks coupled with a lackluster response to Japan’s latest stimulus package led to a negative day in the market Tuesday. Stocks fell back -0.6% on the first real pullback in three weeks. A rebound in crude oil helped pace a rebound Wednesday with stocks recovering +0.3%.
Crude bounced off the $40 per barrel price when gasoline inventories showed a surprising decline. Thursday saw stocks deliver one of their lowest volume efforts of the year with investors awaiting Friday’s monthly jobs report before committing new money. The Bank of England’s aggressive monetary policy prescriptions did little to impact markets outside of pressuring the British Pound. Friday’s jobs report wowed investors for the second consecutive month leading stock investors to bid up shares of interest-rate sensitive banks and growth stock sectors en route to a +0.9% move higher.

Warm wishes and until next week.