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Where the Stock Market Might Be Headed Next

Published November 17, 2017


We thought the outlook below from Delta Investments provided a good overview of the factors supporting the stock market. Enjoy!

Our 2018 S&P 500 Index outlook is up. If the P/E remains constant as it has for the past two years, the S&P 500 should be up in-line with earnings or about 11%.

The following ten factors support our 2018 bullish investment thesis: (more…)

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Tech Takeover Speculation – Apple Taking Over Netflix

Published November 10, 2017


Given that our investment focus is on market indexes and sectors, we don’t talk much about individual companies in our weekly blog. However, this opinion piece from noted investment industry figure Barry Ritholtz published on Bloomberg’s website, showcases two of tech’s (and the Nasdaq’s) largest and most influential companies. We thought you might find it interesting as the market grinds ever-higher. (more…)

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Is GE the Canary in the Coal Mine?

Published October 27, 2017


Investors are always wary of the “this time it’s different” mantra. Just before the housing crisis which led to the financial crisis in 2008, we were told that housing had entered a different phase, one where it somehow made sense that people were buying 2 and 3 houses on speculation. (more…)

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Bullish Developments for Stocks and the U.S. Dollar

Published October 20, 2017


We took a couple of charts from a recent presentation made by technical analyst J.C. Parets and his firm All Star Charts to highlight a couple of longer-term trends that you might find interesting.

First, the U.S. dollar has been falling all year as the expected rise in interest rates has not really played out and non-U.S. economies have gained strength. Technically, this drop in the dollar is very near a point of key support, one where we would expect the dollar to stop falling and return to a multi-year uptrend. (more…)

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Happy Happy

Published October 13, 2017


The stock market continued its happiness this week rising to further new highs. This bullishness is certainly rewarding to our subscribers as well as, frankly, anyone fortunate enough to have chosen to invest in the Nasdaq late last year. (more…)

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Small Ball

Published September 29, 2017


After spending much of the year lagging well behind their large-cap brethren, small caps stocks have caught fire! They are being spurred on by a shift in favored market sectors toward financial and energy companies as well as the announcement (finally!) of a tax cut plan by the Trump Administration. (more…)

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A New Bull Market

Published September 22, 2017


While many in the industry speculate on the coming end to a years-long bull market, there are others who argue that the bull market has just begun. How does this disagreement come about? (more…)

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U.S. Economic Indicators Show Strength

Published September 15, 2017


Below is a really good overview of economic activity in the U.S. looking at some lower level data.

When times are good, people go to Vegas. Since the recession in 2008, Las Vegas convention attendance has climbed to new highs. At the current pace, convention attendance and overall Vegas visitation will set new records in 2017. (more…)