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The Market Spring Is Coiled Up

Published October 25, 2019


As a follow-on to our note last week are a couple of other technical analysts seeing markets poised to move higher. First, an article from CNBC’s Patti Domm, followed by additional related information from Oppenheimer technical analyst Ari Wald. Bottom line: for several reasons, stocks are ready to jump upward if some positive news bursts forth. (more…)

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A Weak Economic Report Unsettles Investors

Published October 11, 2019


The stock market has been going nowhere for four straight months as investors have hoped for a breakthrough in U.S. trade negotiations with China. Most days, stocks are reacting to rumors or vague official announcements regarding the outlook for those trade talks. However, there was one recent hard economic datapoint that caught investor attention. (more…)

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Contrasting Views Lead to Range-Bound Trading

Published September 27, 2019


Bond manager PIMCO recently offered their mid-year outlook for the global economy and markets. Their conclusions are:

“In a nutshell, we see a global economy about to enter a low-growth “window of weakness,” which we expect to persist going into 2020 with heightened uncertainty about whether it is a window to recovery or recession. (more…)

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How Emotion Drives the Economy

Published September 20, 2019


Finance, and investing even more so, are resting on the foundation of human emotion. How much a stock is worth certainly has some underpinning in the company’s earnings. But perhaps more important is the price-earnings or P/E ratio, which is how much investors are willing to PAY for those earnings. (more…)

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The Stock Market’s Unspent Fuel

Published September 13, 2019


Stocks in the U.S. have come roaring back from the weakness of one month ago, returning to the doorstep of new high ground. Lost in the enthusiasm about new highs, however, is the fact that fully half of the stock market has been treading water for almost two years now. If that lagging half of the market were to break through, stocks would be in a position to substantially rally. (more…)

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A Mixed Bag Economy

Published August 30, 2019


Liz Ann Sonders at Charles Schwab recently wrote a thorough overview of the current economic state. Given the latest increase in economic uncertainty courtesy of the ramping of the trade war—but also last week’s release of the Leading Economic Index (LEI), her report is worth posting here for our subscribers who are interested in tracking the economy and musing about where that might be headed. (more…)

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Business Cycle/Sector Investing Takes a Curve Ball This Cycle

Published August 23, 2019


Business cycle/sector investing is a seemingly easy way to apply a layer of insight to traditional buy-and-hold investing. By focusing our investment funds on sectors that typically show improved performance during certain phases of the business cycle, a sector investor can presume to outperform the broad market. However, it is never quite that easy. (more…)