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Weekly Update

Will the Robots Sidestep the Next Bear Market?

Published April 21, 2017

TimingCube_cartoon042117The rise of robo-advisors over the past five years is not surprising given the nearly non-stop upward trajectory of stocks. Investors have been lulled into a state of complacency assuming the investment waters are always so calm and just riding the market indexes is a perfectly fine way to invest. The article below comes from an organization who, like us here at TimingCube, believes that robo-advisors and their buy-and-hold models are an accident waiting to happen. (more…)

Weekly Update

Risk Rises

Published April 14,2017


This week brought the return of geopolitical concerns to the stock market. The volatility “fear” index spiked in the wake of the U.S. bombing of Syria, deployment of a U.S. warship to the waters off North Korea, and tougher talk from the Trump Administration toward Russia. It’s been a good six months since the stock market has found anything to worry about. (more…)

Weekly Update

Global Markets are Relatively Cheap

Published April 7, 2017


Below is an excerpt from a recent commentary by investment firm Per Sterling that we think provides a good overview of the perspective of many market analysts at this point. Of course, TimingCube’s models are not driven by any of the fundamental or valuation factors described in this article; but instead are focused on price and volume in the market (e.g. supply and demand). (more…)

Weekly Update

Long-term Stock Indicator Shows Green

Published March 31, 2017


DecisionPoint has long been a large influence on our work here at Fraser Partners (developer and publisher of TimingCube, FPResearch, TradeGuru, and ETFTide). The chart and technical analysis purveyor has a disciplined, consistent approach as we do. We are kindred spirits. Below is a long-term chart (Chart 1) showing over 20 years of stock market history. (more…)

Weekly Update

Catalysts for Market Rally Come into Question

Published March 24, 2017


The post-election rally has been built on President Trump’s ability to implement his tax reform and infrastructure building agenda, with heavy emphasis on the tax reform. Recent events have caused the market to get nervous about the ability of the Trump agenda to be carried out. First, tax reform was not pursued as the primary objective with Congress. Instead, healthcare reform, specifically reforming the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, became the first order of business. This put the success of passing the healthcare reform as a first test of Trump’s ability to get his agenda through Congress. (more…)

Weekly Update

Global Stock Rally

Published March 17, 2017

Financial Planner

Like most investors, we focus mainly on our local market. We are highly attuned to the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100, the Dow Industrial and Russell 2000. This stock market rally kick-started in November is very much a global phenomenon with recent participation abroad adding more and more fuel. Chart 1 below, of the global stock market index shows the rally bursting forth (out of a cup-with-handle chart formation and/or an inverse head and shoulders as you like). (more…)

Weekly Update

Biotech About to Turn It Around?

Published March 10, 2017


In 2015, after more than quadrupling in price in a massive bullish run, biotech stocks hit a wall. Presumably undone by some comments from then-Senator Hillary Clinton that drug prices were too high and needed to be addressed, biotech stocks began wilting. Mrs. Clinton’s comments aside, the stocks had run to a point where they were just way overvalued and due for a rest. (more…)

Weekly Update

The Challenge of Building Investment Models

Published March 3, 2017


Over the 15+ years we have been publishing our investment models much has changed. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were in their infancy when we started back in 2001 with only a handful of major choices, all focused on major indexes like the S&P 500. The notion of shorting markets had been around a long time. But primarily among professionals and avid traders. Ever-rising computation power and internet speeds made crunching data quicker, easier, and cheaper putting into every hobbyist traders hands the power to build investment models. (more…)

Weekly Update

A Matter of Time

Published February 24, 2017


Gold, silver, and commodities generally have been trending higher for the past three months. Rather than ponder the reasons why, we are going to focus on whether buying gold is a good choice right now from a technical perspective. We will look at the gold trade from a couple of different time frame perspectives. (more…)

Weekly Update

Why worry?

Published February 17, 2017


After two months spent churning around while the Nasdaq index caught up, stocks have powered upward so far this month. With this second leg of the post-election rally kicked off, investors have a substantial fear of missing out (FOMO as the social media set would call it). This self-reinforcing ebullience has pushed volatility to extremely low levels. As Chart 1 below from Charlie Bilello shows, the S&P 500 has set a record for the number of days without even a +/-1% move, a record that now stands at some 44 days, a full 10 days or almost 30% longer than the prior record. (more…)